Saturday, September 02, 2006

We're On a Post to Nowhere

I was moseying around the other day and found a few videos I hadn't seen in ages and this one I don't ever recall seeing at all way back when; although, it's one of my fave Talking Head tunes. I figured I share:


Other than that, on the completely useless news of the week front, got hit by a mega huge dental bill this past Wednesday, most of which came from having to replace a crown that I stupidly lost down the sink drain. ::LeSigh:: Time to hit the parental units up for mooch money.

And I finally got zapped in identity theft! I gotta call early Tuesday morning from the bank of this particular credit card saying that they had an odd charge that literally just happened and they wanted to double check to see if it was me. The charge was for $590 at Mango in Barcelona! Umm...yeah, a branch of a store I never heard of in a country roughly 6000 miles away and I'm in bed in TooStoned, Arid-zona. Definitely not me. I was very happy they called to confirm. I immediately had the card cancelled and a new one issued.

How the hecky-puddles the person got a hold of my number is beyond me since I take precautions. So, keep a close on on yer cards, folks!


OMG! Someone FINALLY posted this Lene Lovich song that I had been wanting to see again for ages but couldn't find anywhere! The last time I saw it, it was back in the early 80's and was quite well toasted, at New York's much belated Ritz (now, apparently, Webster Hall) attending a Jorma Kaukonen concert.