Friday, July 08, 2005

The Return of Moi

Wow! Can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. I had planned to post but either getting too tired and grumpy to or too busy and cought up in something else prevented me from posting and all I got to do was to troll through other blogs and, occasionally leaving comments.

Alas, the London explosions. How tragic. Shit! I watch the news and shake my head in wonder about humanity and how people can do things like that to others. War, murder, terrorism, etc - sheesh! Sometimes finding a cave (with a generator and tastfully decorated) and telling the rest of the world to fuck off and die sounds appealing. "Civilization"?!? I don't think people know the meaning a lot of the times.


Finished off my class I was taking today and pretty sure I aced the damned thing. YAY, me! No school till Fall semester kicks in on Aug. 24th. I still need to register for that.


Wingspan, the local glbt center I volunteer at, is in the process of moving to it's new and bigger location this week and will reopen next Monday July 11th. I haven't seen the new place yet but will when I go in for my shift. It'll be exciting. It's the third location its been in since I started working there; each place bigger than the last. I'm glad it's got the means and reasons to do so and am glad that piddly TooStoned has got a glbt center.


This is KooKoo:

Say hello to her (Hi, Kookoo!) You may recognize her as one of the stars from the 1932 movie "Freaks".

She's helping me to introduce a website I came across called which has actual photos of many oddities or "freaks" that have lived over the past 150 or so years. Dunno how many of the readers here have any fascination or interest in them so for those that do, here ya go. In a way, being gay, which can be considered an outsider apart from "normal society", I feel a bit of a connection to being a "freak" as well. Not saying it's right or correct but I understand a wee bit. A friend of mine, Kelly, worked on the carny circuit for many years as a truck driver/set-up & strike person as well as a real live sword swallower and knew several of the sideshow attractions. Interesting stories from him.


This is a mug shot of an unidentified woman taken back in 1906. I just LOVE it. Something about the dignity I see in her despite it being a police mug shot and whatever humiliation she felt being arrested attracted me. Besides, I love the hat and outfit as well.

If anyone is interested in old photos, it's one of many mug shots (no one famous, tho) that can be found at a site someone set up on titled Least Wanted.

I found that site via Screenhead.


And for those John Waters fans out there:

His John Waters Collection is now available! ::cough::MyBirthday'sOnthe26th::cough::