Monday, April 18, 2005


According to Chris, here's the schedule of the upcoming WYSIWYG Shows, so if any blogger in the New York area, or one who plans to be in NYC during a particular show, and wants to participate, let 'em know.

Close Encounters of the Famous Kind

(March ???, 2006, at P.S. 122)

Worst. Sex. Ever. III
(February ???, 2006, at P.S. 122)

America's Funniest Home Accidents
(January 17, 2006, at P.S. 122)

[To Be Announced]
(December 13, 2005, at P.S. 122)

I'm With the Band
(November 15, 2005, at P.S. 122)

The WYSIWYGville Horror
Terrifying Tales of Terror!

(October 25, 2005, at P.S. 122)

First, Last, and Insecurity
The World's Worst Roommates

(September 20, 2005, at P.S. 122)

(NOTE: There will be no show in August)

Greetings from Lake WYSIWYG
Summer Camp Stories

(July 19, 2005, at P.S. 122)

I Love a Parade!
Even Gayer Tales of Extremely Gay Gayness

(June 21, 2005, at P.S. 122)

Arrested Development
I Fought the Law and the Law Won

(May 17, 2005, at P.S. 122)


Minimum Rage
Work Slaves Revolt!

(April 19, 2005, at P.S. 122)