Monday, April 25, 2005


This was a great subject title from a piece of spam I received today: "brady bologna chime hieronymus cyprian alley"


My poor parents. I spoke with my mother earlier this evening to see if they made it back home safely.

They had gone up yesterday (Saturday) to spend Passover with my sister and her family. Well, they got to the hotel and as they were heading down the corridor to their room, my father tripped and fell face first into the luggage cart. (FYI - my dad has had leg/walking problems for going on two years ago now. He can walk but it ain't the easiest thing for him to do. He can't really pick his legs up normally so he tends to shuffle along instead and he somehow tripped over his feet.)

Anyway, he's bleeding profusely out of his bottom lip and his left arm is hurting him. They, along with their assistant, think "possible heart attack and stitches?" so they am-scray off to the hospital e/r.

They did a ct scan of his head, blood work, and an x-ray of his arm and shoulder. Luckily, no broken bones in his head but he did have a fracture of the bone in his upper arm (I forget the name of that bone, dang it!) and he needed several stitches in his lip. Their primary doct back home said that luckily, despite his age (82), that particular bone still heals up nicely and in a timely manner. She'll do a more thorough check up and talk to a surgeon for more info (although she said he won't need surgery. It was a clean fracture)

My mom, giving her usual temprament, got all worked up emotionally and still seemed a bit shaken when I spoke to her. My dad will pro'lly heal up alright. He's too stubburn and mean to do otherwise but I hope my mother settles down. I get worried about her at times when she's in that kind of a state. I'm just glad that got that home assistant to help around the apartment especially in case my dad falls again.

Well, I'll check in with them in a day or two. Hopefully, the dust will settle a bit.