Monday, September 01, 2008

Humming "Sugar Sugar" and Hold the Starch, Please

Well, I did another blood draw this past Wednesday to double-check on my glucose level and heard back from my cute, former-Canadian-1988-Olympic-Wrestling-Team-Member doctor on Thursday that it was still high (high 100's). So it looks like I'm at least pre-diabetic. Ah, shit! Anyway, he recommended that I start up on this Sugar Busters! diet and I'll go in towards the end of October for another blood draw to see how well my glucose level is then and see how to proceed from there.

The diet looks pretty easy to follow along. Basically keeping sugars to a minimum, avoiding added/refined sugar completely, and going for high fiber foods. So white flour is a no-no as well. No white rice nor white potatoes either. That's going to be a pain since I loves me my taters. I've already been clearing out my fridge, freezer, and pantry of the no-no's and restocking with the approved stuff and been eliminating the bad stuff from my food intake. So far, so good but I gotta see how I'll be when I'm off the bad stuff entirely.

As for the family melodrama, I spoke to my sister earlier today (Sunday) and my father is getting worse with his anger, hate, spite, paranoia. Accusing my sister, mother, and myself of various things during a phone call with him I had on Wednesday. None of them true BUT try to convince him of that. Apparently, he told my sister last week that his father had and affair with one of the McGuire Sisters just prior to his death! That my grandfather was having an affair to begin with was a bit of a shocker to both of us but to one the McGuire's?! My sister and I highly doubt it. (To the McGuire's, any of their representatives, families, friends, fans - please don't sue or be mad. I'm just relaying a story and I mean NO disrespect. I loves ya!)

Ah, well! The soap opera continues and it's a bitch getting old, apparently.