Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Tardis in Trouble! And Staring Down Another Birthday.

The Tardis in Trouble!
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My new desktop courtesy of Powerbooktrance and can be found here.

Anyway, yes I'm still alive! Just thought I'd post so y'all (well, what readers I have left, other than the ones STILL looking for pix of a nekkid Hugh Jackman) didn't think I abandoned here.

I finished my MicroFlacid Excel class this evening after a 100 pt., 100 task final so I'm officially on vacation till Aug. 22 when fall semester kicks in so I'll have the time to blog and actually do those memes I've been promising to do! (Josh and Texan Dave).

In other news, my mother, sister, and nephlet have threatened to visit me! They'll be here for the weekend of Aug, 10. Shit! It'll take me that long just to clean Casa de Clutter! They're (sis and nephlet) going to for 2 weeks for getting treatment (Myofascial Release) for my nephlet's myofascial pain syndrome and my sister's ,igraines to see if that helps her. My mom's just going for a vacation. Daddums is staying home in Florida since he can't really travel anymore.

Speaking of daddums, my mom moved back in a few weeks back, much to my and my sister's dismay. Her life, her choice, I guess. My shingles is healed but it still looks like a large birthmark on my back.

Also, my birthday's next Thursday!!! July 26th. I'll be 39....again. Prezzie are ALWAYS welcomed and my Wish List is there on the right side, bottom of the link list.