Saturday, July 29, 2006

Now That I Have the Chance...

Between monsoons the past few days and Crumb-cast being down last night for 4 hours due to maintanance work, I hadn't had the chance to post.

My birthday was quiet, which is what I wanted. I have troubles dealing with me being the age I am...I just go the Jack Benny route and claim to be 39....again. I think I'll pull a "Dad" in 4 years tho and go to Athens where I'll send my 50th (GAWD! I don't believe I typed that number) with the covers pulled up over my head the whole day. (My family and I were there when daddums turned that age and he was NOT amuzed with it; hence, his day in bed). If anyone wants to join me in Athens at the time, let me know. My mother laughs when I moan and whine about my age.

Anyway, a friend and I went out to my fave Mexican restaurant (Rosa's) and pigged out. Even took home more food for future dindins.

I got my new cellphone and have it basically set up now. It's been fun pplaying with it and seeing what it can do that my previous phone didn't but I still miss the simplicity of my now-old phone, monochromatic screen and all. I still need to find a name for it.

Alas, it seems I need to sign up for broadband for it in order to upload any pix I take to my computer. At least that's what the Verizon Wireless customer service rep told me this evening. I can't just upload it to my hard drive, I have to do it via their internet connection, and upload it to (or whatever the website is) even with a usb cable which I have. Anyone out there know if there's a way I can just u/l it to my hard drive without internet connection for the phone?

Also in the news, I got a letter from the Customs people (and part of the Homeland Security dept) that my order of theophylline has been confiscated since it might be a BAD batch! OOH! Like Canada is some Third World Country with hideous, make-shift drug labs! (I order my perscriptions via Canada since it's cheaper and I need the money more than the pharmaceutical companies and Walgreens do) Well, screw 'em! Two lousy bottles of Uniphyl and I can't have it? (And it was from a perscription from my doc!) Well, byte me! Anyway, I dealt with it. Neener! Neener!