Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary and Obey Butterstick

Well, today marked my parents' 57th anniversary. Yep, the big five-seven. Married on this day in 1949 at the belated Savoy Plaza Hotel (where the GM Building is now in New York City, for those who know that city).

I spoke to them earlier this evening and, as usual, asked my mom "So, when are you getting divorced?" A question I've jokingly asked her for several years now. She laughed, as usual.

She sounded a bit sad, tho. Dunno why. They didn't do anything special this evening and they only got 2 "Happy Anniversary" cards; one from me and one from the couple that introduced them on a blind date 59 years ago. My sister completely spaced it. Didn't even call them. I told my mom to enjoy giving her a guilt trip about it. She was planning to.

Hearing my mother sounding sad always makes me feel horrid but I tried to cheer her up by talking about something more positive and she seemed to be sounding better when we finished the phone call.


Discovered this over on Chrisafer's site.