Friday, April 01, 2005

A Good Day

Well, finally got my tax stuff back from the accountant and I'm glad and very relieved to find out I'm due in for refunds on both my federal and state taxes. Yippee! I'll get those out next and be done with it for another year.

On the best note of the day, I spoke to the Parental Units this evening and my mom apparently was due in for and had an MRI (instead of a mammogram) earlier this week and she got back the results today. Everything checked out a-okay! Yay! GO mom! (For those who may not know - My 79 year old mom discovered she had breast cancer two years ago this month/March. She had a lumpectomy done and underwent a course of chemo for 6 months. She gets checked out every which way by her primary doc and the oncologist ever since and luckily so far, so good.)