Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hey, Comcast! BYTE ME!

Fuckin' Crumb-cast! Both their cable tv and cable modem service here in dear ol' TooStoned were out of commission for 5 fuckin' hours this evening. And just when I was going to siddown and do my usual slogging through the internet. Dunno what caused the outage since there weren't any storms in the immediate area (a few south of the metro area about the time the service was interupted but nothing major) Pro'lly some poor depressed, suicidal chipmunk decided to off itself on a transformer or some idiotic drunk went grill first into some connection box. A humongous area was knocked out (The parts of Speedway they cover north to the Catalina foothills and Oracle Rd. east to Houghton, if you know the streets here)

I just continue to find it amazing that they have the audacity to show those comercials with the "former dish users" who have nothing but troubles with the service so they decided to go back to the "perfect service and reception" of cable. Well, I dunno about anyone else but I've had dish service to my living room tv now for 8 years and had a problem ONCE in all that time. My cable service? About 6 service interuptions in the past month or so alone. {LeSigh} Lord knows I know that technology ain't perfect snd that shit is bound to happen but BOY! It can sure get annoying.

At least I remembered that life can indeed exist without the warm glow of a monitor or a tv set so I finally decided to start listening to my nifty audio-book prezzie of Sedaris's Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (thanx, Josh!) as well as listen to a tape of music I had whipped up a couple of years ago.

Today was Mark's last day as volunteer coordinator and I attended the open house/farewell to Mark/welcome to Miriam the New Queen of Development party this afternoon. It'll be odd not seeing Mark there when I go in for my shifts and I'm curious about the new coordinator. Haven't met her yet but will sometime next week. I did manage to run into an old school pal from my legal assistant degree days there and we spent some time catching up. She's just recently volunteered at the center so I'm looking forward to possibly hanging out with her. I also found out that the film fest committees will be kicking in the beginning of September to start planning for next March's festival. Since it'll be the 10th annual one the center is doing, will be doing a "classic films" selection as well. I put in a suggestion of at least "Mommie Dearest" complete with props.

Now if only Crumb-cast holds out...

Oh! And for those Burning Man fans out there, don't forget it starts August 30th!