Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another Year...

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Or as I call it - The 5th Anniversay of my 39th birthday. I don't mind the birthdays; afterall, I get nifty prezzies and am the center of attention (yay, Leos!), but the age is not my fave part. My 40th was NOT my fave one by any means! That magical number was a dreaded one. "40" seemed to be sounding! And I do NOT feel anywhere near that age at all! Mid to late 20's is more like it! Maybe it's arrested development or maybe it's a good case of Peter Pan Syndrome...I dunno. Whatever it may be, I just don't feel "that *old*"! Or maybe it's just that being the youngest on both sides of the family, I saw everyone else get to be those "old ages" so I can't seem to see *myself* at that age.

Anyway, I'll get over it. What else can I do? And if anyone wants to help to soothe the horridness of getting older, yer more than welcome to check out my wish list...over there on the left, bottom of the links! (Okay, so major shameless plug...I ain't proud! :-))